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    Connecting your business to the future of energy

    CS Energy is a leader in providing customised energy solutions for Queensland's large organisations. We are committed to understanding the energy requirements of our customers and thrive on providing energy solutions that are as unique and different as they are. At CS Energy, we empower businesses to better manage their energy needs.


    our past prepares us for our future

    Since our formation in 1997, CS Energy has been a leader in Queensland's energy market.

    Our experience as both a generator and retailer gives us a unique understanding of the energy market now and into the future.

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    we create energy solutions for every business challenge

    Our energy solutions bring together diverse energy sources, tailored to match our clients’ business goals.

    鸿运网appWe offer a range of renewables, supplied through our partnerships with wind, solar and hydro facilities. And we underpin these energy sources with our own traditional thermal generation assets.



    Retail portal


    we make energy simple

    鸿运网appEnergy can be complex. We provide the data, insights and advice that our customers want, when they need it, empowering them to use their energy more efficiently.

    Our customer portal provides real-time, data-driven insights that allows organisations to work smarter with energy.

    personalised support for your account and billing needs

    CS Energy's retail account management team are committed to providing personalised customer support to help your business get the very best value from our services.

    Your dedicated account manager will look after all your energy needs from the outset and will act as your central point of inquiry throughout the life of the contract.


    Customer support


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    we offer certainty

    Our service and offering mitigates risk. CS Energy is an energy provider owned by the Queensland Government.

    Our customers can rest easy knowing that the continued operation and commercial commitments provided by us are assured.


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    To find out how we can help your business, contact our Retail Business Team on 1800 950 595 or use the form below.

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